Thursday, May 10, 2007

Meet Pepe!

Oh my goodness! Meet my new little bundle of joy Pepe! I never thought I would get another doggie after my Spike Baby passed away, but the way this one worked out showed to be fate! I rescued Spike from a shelter when he was 6 years old. I feel like the 8 years of his life that I had him were the best he ever had! I knew he had been abused when I got him and once he started to trust me, he was my baby and no one elses. I started to think about how good it felt knowing that I made his little life better, so I started browsing shelters on the internet for a new little baby. My friend Kim, used to always call Spike "Guido" because she said he looked like the mob boss of the family. Another dog that I had found at a shelter wasn't working out so I figured I would do one last search before I gave up for awhile. I did a search for a chihuahua rescue group and I saw this site. It said Bird rescue so I didn't look to hard, but then I noticed they had dogs. I saw a chihuahua they had whose name was Guido. I sent an email to Betty, the owner, and she called me shortly after. I told her the story about Spike and we set up the appointment for me to meet Guido. From the second I saw Guido I knew he was my new baby. He instantly went running to my kids and was jumping up from the ground to give them kisses. Betty knew he was perfect too. She told me that they found Guido two weeks before and she had already turned down a couple of applications for him. She said she knows it was "meant to be" because I lost my Spike Baby two weeks ago, and the fact that my friend always called Spike, Guido! WOW!! So... here I am with my new nine month old purebred chihuahua that I rescued from a shelter! I am going to start trying to raise money and take donations to her rescue shelter. Betty, the owner of Bird Frenzy Rescue, is doing this for all the right reasons and I appreciate her so much for it! He looks to sweet to be a Guido, so I did change his name to Pepe. I will always remember how I found him and know that God and Spike had a hand in finding my new furbaby for me!


Laura said...

You have my deepest sympathy in the loss of your dear Spike.

I ran across this picture of your new little baby and it just brought me so much joy. He looks like a sweetie.

I know how painful it is to loose an animal companion. It is so very hard. The really great thing is that you are giving another lovely soul a home now! I am so happy for you!

lighthouseangel said...

So glad to read that you got a rescue dog. That makes you a very special person. We have six dogs (3 Chis). We did rescue for two years but needed a rest and our bunch needed more attention. Dogs are not disposible and are wonderful if treated well.
If you would like to see some of our dogs and fosters, go to
Judy in NW Ohio