Sunday, May 13, 2007

Adios Amigos!

I don't know about you, but I was shocked by the number of retiring sets this year. Usually in the past, I have had around 15 of my personal sets retire, but this year... I HAVE 62 sets and 8 wheels!!! How crazy is that? Here are some of my absolute favorites and the reasons I'm so sad to see them go...

  • Best of Cluck - my absolute favorite set EVER, well other than Birthday Banter which retired last year. Why oh why are you taking my chickies away? I will never part with this one!!
  • Crusin' Christmas - I just think this set is hilarious!
  • Pretty Princess - my daughter is crushed!
  • Swell News - This is such an adorable set for such a wonderful time is a woman's life. I'm very sad to see this go!
  • Do the Hula - Come on Stampin' Up!... we need another Hawaiian set!
  • Frolicking Frogs - Such cute little froggies havin' so much fun! Great for kid cards.
  • I Love Soccer - I just bought this one. Perfect set for birthday cards for the soccer kids, or the soccer moms!
  • It's A Cheer Thing - I hate to see this go since my daughter cheers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed another cheer set is coming!
  • Mixed Bouquet - Waaaahhhh!! I'm crying like a baby over this one! This is one of my favorite all time sets! Super simple to create cards with and very versatile. I was shocked when I saw this one leaving! This set is a must have!
  • Petal Prints - Another must have! This set is beautiful with the watercolor crayons, or ink it up and spray a mist of water before stamping. Beautiful!
  • In Full Bloom - Beautiful, beautiful set! I've used this set for everything from invitations, to sympathy. Great set to use with Dazzling Diamonds glitter or microbeads! Definitely must have!
  • Roses In Winter - Originally I was going to part with this one, but I am beginning to rethink it. I took me awhile to get used to this set, but once I did... I was hooked. Buy this one before it is gone!
  • Watercolor Garden - This is my next favorite after Best of Cluck. It was also a set that I earned free through Stampin' Up! This set is great for making note cards, stamping on candles, coasters, or anything that you want to look elegant. If you don't have this set... buy it!! You won't regret it!
  • Balmy Breezes - This is a great masculine set.
  • All-Year Cheer I, II, and III - These are GREAT sets! Buy one, or buy them all, but don't let these get away! I am keeping my fingers crossed that Stampin' Up! will come up with something as versatile as these!
  • Whimsical Alphabet Lower - What a great alphabet set for monogramming. I'm sad to see this go!

I will be posting samples made with all my favorites over the next month and a half until they are gone for good. If you want to see the 2007 retiring list, just click here.

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